Psychologist and educator, Greg Nicholson, brings a wealth of expertise in management, teaching and psychology to his role as Achieve Executive Director. His educational initiatives have been endorsed by leading universities and schools.

Achieve’s tutoring programme wholly reflects the teaching method and philosophy of Edworks Tutoring in Australia, founded by Greg in 1990. Today, after more than twenty years of successful operation in Australia, assisting thousands of students at all school levels, he has brought his progressive teachings to the youth of Barbados.

Against this sound background of experience, Greg has played key roles in a number of academic and youth welfare programmes, including The Sir Edward Dunlop Programme of which he was Chairman, and the Ardoch Youth Foundation. He is passionate that learning should engage a student; that it should be stimulating, exciting and challenging, empowering the student to take control of the process so that skills learned can be applied both inside and outside the classroom. Only then, as a critical thinker and problem solver, he deems, will the student of today be appropriately prepared as an adult for the challenges of tomorrow in an increasingly dynamic and complex world.



Prue Sobers spent her young adult years, living and working abroad. During the heady years of world cricket in England, the West Indies and Australia, Prue and former husband, Sir Garfield Sobers, raised three children whose lives, today, are closely interwoven with the island and its people.

A best-selling author and businesswoman, as Director of her health food company, Prue developed and marketed a range of food products under her own label, winning a gold medal and exporting to Japan. She returned to writing after selling her successful business and recently published her first novel. In partnership with her husband, Greg, as Creative Director, she also writes for Edworks and ghost writes and produces Greg’s educational books. Their most recent collaboration, ‘The ICing on the cake! Independence and Confidence’, is an easy-read handbook for parents preparing their children for school. Greg’s now classic study guide for primary and secondary students, ‘Reach for the Sky’, reflects the teachings of Achieve Barbados, and offers sage advice on how to switch on thinking and start skill building for success. It is a must–read for students seeking to raise classroom and exam performance.



Director and former tutor of Edworks Tutoring in Australia, Achieve Director, Matthew Garfield Sobers joins our international team from the US as Management Consultant.

Matt’s broad experience in the hospitality industry, healthcare, business development and education spans two continents. His training in Management at Almond Beach Resort in Barbados was followed by his role as Manager Operations at the prestigious Port St Charles Resort before he took a position in property management, development and administration at Lakeside Solutions in Nevada. Matt is currently Executive Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer of Trendshift, a healthcare technology firm in the US.

Educated in Australia and Barbados, he holds a BSc (Accounting) from the University of West Indies and a professional certification in Network Engineering.