Achieve’s Tutors

Our tutors are tertiary qualified and trained according to Achieve’s teaching philosophy and progressive learning principles.

Achieve Tutoring’s maxim, ‘Learning for a brighter future’, underpins Achieve’s philosophy and purpose: to teach its students to become creative and critical thinkers, problem solvers, and effective communicators and essay writers. Its values of integrity, professionalism and fairness are extended to all people at all times.

Achieve’s aim is to inspire awareness in its students and to teach the skills for ‘working smart’ so that motivation and success can flow from enlightenment and understanding. Thus, the components of working smart are:

» Awareness         » Motivation         » Skills

Guiding a student to discover how to think with a clear and open mind and to communicate effectively are key to the Achieve tutoring process. For both the tutor-in-training and the student this involves a paradigm shift from traditional, rote learning and answer-driven processes to qualitative 21st century skill building. Achieve’s tutors are therefore trained to encourage their students to move beyond their innate ability to a higher plane where critical analysis, independent thinking and problem solving can flourish.

Tutor-&-TitiExperiencing success is a vital component in a child’s personal development. Achieve’s tutors are trained to promote positive learning experiences for students, identifying student strengths and ‘filling in the gaps’ of their learning, where appropriate, to enhance their achievement potential. The working smart concept specifically aims to raise student performances by teaching strategies and higher order skills that can be taken into the classroom to support curricula learning. The chances for greater learning and exam achievement are enhanced, and opportunities for success increase, for the years ahead.

Achieve’s higher order skills therefore enable students to:

» build confidence and self-esteem

» discard the fear of failure and become risk-takers in order to succeed

» learn faster and achieve more

» be stimulated by the learning process

» become socially interactive

In summary, Achieve’s teachings heighten an awareness in its students of new and exciting possibilities. It raises motivation and the curiosity to explore beyond former boundaries to find and develop the often unexpected skill of self-expression and a desire to probe, question and argue the cause-and-effect of problems and their issues.

Through the application of Achieve’s individual, one-on-one progressive teaching programmes, Achieve’s tutors can thus empower their students to develop and achieve their aspirations and goals.

Join Achieve as a Tutor

Tutor-portraitIf you are tertiary qualified—whatever your discipline, be it engineering, geology, teaching or another—if you love kids and are interested in training to become a part-time Achieve tutor, please send us a covering email with your CV to enquiry@achievetutoring.org to arrange a discussion with us.

We seek strong interpersonal skills in our tutors; the capacity to engage both students and parents, plus a willingness and ability to practise fresh approaches to learning (as distinct from traditional concepts).

Tutor working hours can range from 3.15 pm to 5.00 pm or up to 6.30 pm, Monday to Friday, and Saturday mornings—on days and times to suit us and tutor availability.

Call us if you wish: 258 4002 between 8.30 am and 2.30 pm, weekdays. We’d be delighted to speak with you.