• CLASS 4: THE BSSEE (11+)


At Achieve, we offer Personal Programmes for the BSSEE and for general exam preparation. 

In thoroughly preparing students for these exams, Achieve teaches innovative, exam-related skills and strategies important for success. There is no rote learning. Achieve’s progressive skill-building techniques and strategies take students beyond the practice effect of the classroom where awareness and understanding, rather than meaningless automatic responses, are central to learning. In exam situations and beyond, this offers Achieve’s students an edge to set them apart from their peers. Key topics include:

 Essay Writing – including issue-based and creative essays incorporating structure and projecting personality.Exam Student

 Advanced Comprehension – developing Active Reading Skills and identifying skills appropriate for the task at hand.

 Problem Solving: Maths – utilising Achieve’s ‘4 Steps to Problem Solving’ as part of a structured thought process.

 Logic and Reasoning – developing lateral thinking and deductive reasoning into a range of advanced skills and strategies.