The tradition of rote learning—acquiring knowledge through memorising and recall—was still at the height of popularity as little as a decade ago. Its legacy soon becomes evident in students who rely on ‘the fast answer’ to get them through the day: don’t worry if you don’t understand; just get the answer right.

This approach leaves little room for independent thinking—for questioning issues, analysing them thoughtfully and critically and, where necessary, finding solutions. Typically, such students form a large part of our enrolments, and are the very ones whose attitudes towards learning are transformed, and who benefit greatly from our programmes.Achieve Skill Student

How does this work?

Achieve’s students are encouraged to take a first step beyond their reliance on innate ability to a new level of awareness. Here, they learn to ‘work smart’: that is, to spend less time and effort on tasks, while achieving better results. The business world calls it ‘leverage’, of course. Think: Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg. These entrepreneurs are specialists at maximising results while minimising effort and costs.

Working smart also means the skill to think creatively, and to dissect, evaluate and comprehend issues. As students develop their ability, they learn to form opinions, to problem solve and to become discerning and effective communicators. These skills are essential for producing comprehensive, well-structured essays, for any subject, both in class and particularly during exams. They are critical for higher learning or training, and importantly, application in adult life.